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Particifactory is the place for the development of ideas, projects and visions shared with users and key stakeholders; ultimately a tool for participatory planning at all scales.
CSA, through the use of participatory techniques, intended to complement the traditional investigative tools and design with a new mode, most efficient, powerful and precise, which allows to reduce drastically the natural inaccuracy of research and preliminary investigations and subsequently during the design phase allows to integrate and share the contributions of a large group of people informed on the subject. The users / sensors, aided by a logic of gamification in which they feel involved in actions performed to stimulate them, are encouraged to share more and more information to enter deeply into the project dynamics. This path leads them to a growing awareness that allows them to be more precise and therefore more useful in the content that they exchange. A project developed with people and not for the people can be metabolized in an easier way, maintained and innovated by the same users / sensors through active citizenship dynamics.